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posted 26 Oct 2007

IBM and Linden Lab to collaborate

IT GIANT IBM and Linden Lab, the creator of virtual world Second Life, are to jointly develop new technologies to help advance the future of 3D virtual worlds.
The collaboration will see the two companies working with partners in the IT and virtual world communities to develop open tools that work within any online environment.
In particular, the companies plan to create a universal avatar – the online persona or proxy used by visitors to virtual worlds – which can travel from one online world to another with ease.
“IBM and Linden Lab’s working together can help accelerate the use and further development of common standards and tools that will contribute to this new environment,” said Colin Parris, vice president of digital convergence at IBM.
The collaboration also aims to develop standard-based software to enable security-rich exchange of assets in and across the virtual world; greater platform stability to make interfaces easier to use; greater integration with existing web and business processes and open standards for interoperability with the current web.
Linden and IBM share a vision that interoperability is key to the continued expansion of the 3D Internet and that this tighter integration will benefit the entire industry,” said Ginsu Yoon, vice president of business affairs at Linden Lab. “Our open source development of interoperable formats and protocols will accelerate the growth and adoption of all virtual worlds.”


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