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Making Knowledge Work- The Arrival of Web 2.0
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Author: Jon Husband and Jim Bair
Year published: 2008
Pages: 206
ISBN: 978-1-906355-09-8
Price: £295 (£7.50 p&p)

Making Knowledge Work is a unique, uncompromising examination of the practical considerations that influence the success of knowledge management (KM) in a corporate context.

From exploring the various definitions of KM to understanding the arguments against KM programmes, Making Knowledge Work equips you with the knowledge and theories to effectively champion and implement KM at your organisation.

Whether you are introducing KM to your organisation for the first time, or understand the huge potential and growing importance of Enterprise 2.0 to your existing KM strategies, this report is essential research in helping you realise the massive benefits while avoiding expensive pitfalls.

The impact of Web 2.0 on knowledge management

Since the first Making Knowledge Work report was published in 2004, there has been an enormous amount of implementation of KM-oriented technology, both with respect to systems architecture and the integration of KM-oriented capabilities like enterprise search, taxonomy, document management and more…

The 2nd edition of this sell out report takes into account all these advances and most specifically, the massive impact of Web 2.0 on information management, collaboration and organisational culture.

Making Knowledge Work considers these important developments while specifically guiding you through:

  • Overcoming cultural issues; 
  • Securing senior management support; 
  • Selecting the most appropriate KM tools and technologies; 
  • Maximising the return on your investment.

Plus… Save time and money by using the unique level of vendor and technology analysis (key solutions and solution providers in the KM/Enterprise 2.0 field are analysed in a dedicated section).

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