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Knowledge Management and Reducing Risk
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Author: Joseph M Firestone, PhD
Year published: 2008
Pages: 72
ISBN: 978-1-906355-12-8
Price: £295 (£7.50 p&p)

The need for an effective risk management strategy has never been clearer.

This crucial new report from the Ark Group focuses in on the root cause of bad management, the faults in the decision making process, and shows you the techniques and tools you need to correct them.

Communicating in a clear and entertaining style Joseph Firestone leads you step by step through the process of using knowledge management (KM) to risk-proof your organisation.

KM and Reducing risk covers the crucial issues in Risk Management: 

  • Capturing knowledge to pinpoint your business’ areas of risk;
  • Identifying differing types of risk and reacting accordingly; 
  • Adapting your decision making models to minimise risk and maximise opportunity; 
  • Weighting risk to provide a ‘fair comparison’ analysis; 
  • Developing a risk savvy culture through knowledge sharing; 
  • Measuring the success of the decision making process; 
  • Maintaining an atmosphere of open debate to ensure continued success.

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