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posted 1 Oct 2004

Collaborative tools could keep UK competitive

ALMOST HALF of UK businesses have access to collaborative tools, but only 66 per cent are using them, according to a recent survey.

Xerox Global Services interviewed 500 managers from a cross-section of organisations. UK businesses are finding that their competitiveness and productivity is being seriously affected by overloaded e-mail inboxes. Over 70 per cent of managers said that up to half of their e-mails had attachments, many of which were not relevant to them or contained multiple versions of the same document.

The survey results highlighted the need for managers to work collaboratively to make documents more accessible, free up storage space and increase efficiency. As a result, Xerox Global Services has devised what it believes is a best-practice guide to help managers work more collaboratively with e-mail. The advice aims to help firms reduce storage burdens and cut costs, increase employee efficiency by creating a better working environment and reduce the stress caused by an excessive number of e-mails.

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